March 17, 2014

A Gentle Call to Return

As I sat there in front of the tabernacle, I recalled all the things I had done in life to be happy. My thoughts lead me back to when I was seventeen. At that time I was very happy and began wondering why. So I asked myself what was missing that I had then but don’t have now. The answer immediately flashed in my heart: God! Soon after the visit I went to confession, but because I was ashamed I neglected to tell all. I stepped out of the confessional and sat there in the church saying, “Jesus I love you,” repeating the words the priest had told me to say for my pennance.

Then as I sat in church looking at the tabernacle I felt a gentle call to return to confess what I neglected. So I went back to the confessional and confessed that I was a drug dealer and abused myself with drugs. I’ll never forget the excitement and happiness in the priest’s voice as he said, “That’s OK. I’m glad you came back. You don’t have to say any extra prayers, but consider coming to confession more often. Now I’ll absolve you.” As the priest raised his hand to make the sign of the cross a wonderful sensation came over me, my whole body became so light. My legs felt like rubber and I could hardly stand up.

(Taken from My Daily Eucharist II by Joan Carter McHugh, and an excerpt contained there from Come to Me: Forgiveness, Inner Healing and Deliverance Through Confession, by Thomas B. Hyatt.)


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