March 1, 2018

The Young Weaver

There was a young weaver by trade who lived in Brussels. His name was John and, in November of 1431, he was praying before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle when he felt himself suffused by a mysterious light. It caused him both fear and joy. The light was accompanied by a voice which told him that, instead of people coming to give adoration, “they leave Me here in forgetfulness and neglect, far from the eyes and hearts of men. It also told him, “be assured, however, that I will glorify and deliver from all tribulations, all those who call upon Me here.”

John was reluctant to tell others of what he had heard, fearing he would be called a liar, delusional or worse. So, he kept his silence.

The vision was repeated several times more. Still, he kept his silence.

His health began to deteriorate. He could not eat or sleep. He lost a tremendous amount of weight. Finally, he told his confessor, the parish priest of St. Gudula. His health returned at once.

The priest informed the Vicar General of Cambria, John of Liedekirks. Theologians were called in and an investigation was ordered.

It was then that the parish priest, Rev. Koofemans, had an experience of his own. One day, while celebrating Mass, at the moment of Communion, he saw the Host change in appearance. It took the form of a dazzling infant. The child said, “see that you announce to the people all that this youth has told you, because it is the pure truth.”

Source: Etlin, Rev. Lukas, O.S.B., Eucharistic Miracles (Clyde, Missouri, Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration 1947), p. 24-26.


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