November 27, 2016


In the year 1280, a herdsman was out in the countryside near Slavonice, Czechoslovakia when he observed something curious, a fire burning over some bushes that had grown among a heap of stones. He approached the stones and then saw a Host within the flames. It remained there, undamaged.

The local priest was summoned and he was able to identify the Host. It had been within a precious vessel stolen a year before. Evidently, the thief had discovered the Host and then discarded it. Now, the priest retook possession of the Host and placed it within another vessel. He then proceeded back towards the city, along with several other people who had come out to view the spectacle. As they neared the gates of the city, it was noticed that the Host had disappeared once again. They returned to the heap of stones and the fire and found the Host as before, within the flames.

For a second time, they travelled toward the city, but again the Host disappeared only to be rediscovered in the fire. The priest and those with him promised to erect a sanctuary by the heap of stones to commemorate the wondrous event. This time, as they returned to the city, the Host remained within the vessel and the journey was completed.

A chapel was built on the designated site and remained there until a raiding band of Hissites razed it in the 15th century. A new chapel was built in 1476 and enlarged in 1491, to the state in which it still exists to this day.

Based on: Cruz, Caroll, Eucharistic Miracles (Charlotte, North Carolina, Tan Books, 2010) p. 71-73.


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