February 26, 2013

Dubna, Poland

On February 5, 1876, a Forty Hours Devotion was begun in the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Dubna, Poland. When the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, rays of light began emanating from the monstrance. A figure of Christ then appeared in place of the white Host. It remained there for the entire forty hours.

Persons of every form of belief, whether out of devotion or curiousity, came to view this happening and afterwards gave testimony as to what they had seen. The parish priest was summoned before the director of police and questioned. The governor of the province ordered everyone not to speak of it or be imprisoned. The bishop for the diocese directed his people to accede to this order, for fear of the church being closed.

This is not unlike many other times in the history of the Church when it has suffered ridicule and persecution. Yet despite all, it has survived for 2,000 years. This Lent, let us pray that we too may always persevere in our faith and, despite any setbacks or challenges, continue to press forward, ever closer and closer to Him.

(Based on an account found in Moments Divine Before the Blessed Sacrament by Rev. Frederick A. Reuter.)


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  1. Yvonne Gorthues on Sun, 6th Apr 2014 1:11 pm CST
  2. Coming to Poland and wondering where Dubna is?

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