December 11, 2017

St. Gertrude and The Third Sunday of Advent

Once, on the third Sunday of Advent, St. Gertrude could not hear Mass. She was prevented by some affliction. She was allowed, however, a rapture in which Christ Himself said the Mass for her.

At the moment that the bell rang in the church for the Elevation of the Host, St. Gertrude saw the Lord perform the same actions as the priest performs at the Mass. When it came time for Communion, the Lord communicated Himself to her directly. He also told her that had He been able, by His Passion and Death, to attain nothing but this union of Himself to her, He would have been fully satisfied with that.

Source: St. Gertrude, and a religious of her monastery, The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great (Charlotte, North Carolina, Tan Books, 2010) p. 461-62.


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