December 9, 2017

The Story of Colleen Willard (Part II)

Following dinner, Colleen went to Eucharistic Adoration at St. James. Arriving half an hour early, she went right up to the sanctuary in front. Kneeling on the bare marble floor, she soon beheld a small Host, surrounded by the deepest red and the golden portions of the monstrance.

For more than half an hour she gazed at Him, motionless, kneeling on the marble. Then John tapped her on the shoulder. Benediction was beginning. She looked and saw the priests bringing in the Host for Adoration. They placed It in the Monstrance and now, for all to see, was the white Host, surrounded by the golden monstrance. There was no deep red circle around the Host, the Host that had only now been brought out. Suddenly, it became clear to her what had happened. She had been given a private Adoration. She understood that she had been allowed a chance to thank Him personally, privately. A final grace on top of the extraordinary grace already bestowed earlier that day.

The next morning Colleen was taken to the pastor of St. James. She was advised to simply continue on with her stay in Medjugorje as an ordinary pilgrim. She was asked not to talk of her experiences or give interviews in Medjugorje, but to return home, be examined by her doctors and return the test results to Medjugorge so they could be forwarded to the Vatican.

The next day, Colleen climbed Apparition Hill, on her own, sometimes even going faster than her husband. The day after that, she climbed part of the way up Mr. Krizevac, again on her own, and only stopped when she was convinced to do so, even though she wanted to continue up to the top.

Upon returning home, Colleen had an appointment with a doctor who had tested her before. She walked into his office, and the nurses immediately asked what had happened to her. They could see at a glance the tremendous change. The doctor had a similar reaction. She was tested again to determine her oxygen level. They could not understand it. The level was completely normal. The doctor told her there was no way to scientifically explain what had happened to her and what he was now observing in her.

She went to the Mayo Clinic quite soon after that. Each doctor she saw had the same reaction, asking, “what happened to you?” An MRI of her brain was performed to check the size of the tumor in the center of her brain. Where each MRI test report done before this had listed a specific size, this test report listed none. It simply reported a “small, focal signal abnormality,” meaning a small reading that the radiologist interpreted as a false indicator, as if nothing was actually there.

The doctors at Mayo told her they would indeed send her test results to Medjugorje.

Source: Eck, Larry and Mary Sue, Medjugorje Miracles of Physical Healings (Westmont, Illinois, Medjugorje Magazine, 2004), p. 18 – 28.


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