April 8, 2013

The Eucharist is Not Optional

The following was submitted by someone as a:n understanding gained at Mass, after the consecration:

The gap between God and man was not settled by the Incarnation. Once divinity and humanity were combined at the Incarnation, when His human body was given up, it was given up with His divinity combined with it, so there had to be another body connected with His divinity that followed. That is the Eucharist. That is why the Last Supper was so necessary. That is why I have been feeling for months there is a connection between the Last Supper and the Cross that I was not grasping.

The Incarnation was the start. The Last Supper and the Cross were the culmination. He combined divinity with humanity at the Incarnation. He combined it at the Last Supper and the Cross. When He came into the world to be one with us, He did not intend that to stop. That is why Christmas is so special.

The Jewish people believed that God dwelt among them in the Ark of the Covenant, first in the tent that housed it and then in the Temple. With Christ, that changed. He was the New Covenant. He dwelt among us, in us. With the Incarnation, a dramatic change took place. He came into this world to replace the Old Covenant, to replace how He dwells among us. He came in knowing the Cross would be the end. He came in knowing the Last Supper would precede it. With His death on the Cross, He could not dwell among us in the body His disciples called Jesus. He would, once the change was made from Old to New at His birth, continue the change through the Last Supper.

The Eucharist is not optional. If we choose not to believe in it, it is still real. It is the culmination of His decision to enter this world and change how He dwells among us.


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