December 11, 2018

Which Crown To Choose

Blessed Catherine Anne Emmerich was 24 years old when, in the spring of 1799, she entered the Jesuit church in Coesfeld, in northwest Germany. She had been trying to enter a religious order since 16, and from her very early years, had certain mystical experiences and was devoted to prayer and reverence for God.

This one day, she was praying before a crucifix when she saw Christ, in the form of a youth, proceed from the tabernacle towards her. Upon reaching her, her held out both his hands. In his right, he held a crown of flowers. In his left, he held a crown of thorns. It was her choice to pick one. She chose the one in his left hand and pressed it upon her head. Catherine was immediately seized by tremendous pains. The apparition then ended.

As she left the church, her companion, noticing the affects of the pain and perhaps more, asked her whether she perceived something on her head. Catherine, however, Catherine denied it. Still, her forehead did begin to swell.

On Holy Thursday and Good Friday of Holy Week, the crown became visible. When she entered the convent in which she worked, blood began to flow through her headdress.

The pain that began at this time never left her until her death some 25 years later.

Source: Shapcote, Emily Mary, Legends of the Blessed Sacrament (London, Burns & Oates) p.132-34.


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