March 27, 2018

St. Joseph Benedict LaBre

St. Joseph Benedict LaBre often slept at night in the Coliseum, under its open-air arches. He spent his days praying in the churches around Rome. He liked especially to churches where the Forty Hours devotion was practiced, in which the Sacred Host was adored. It was typical for him to spend five to six hours in such adoration.

He was known, for such extended periods of time, for having a glow about his face, a luminous spectacle, there in the presence of His Lord.

He died young, at age 35. His concern for others did not end then. Within but a few months of his death, more than 130 miracles were recorded that were ascribed to his intercession.

Source: “Guardians of the Eucharist,” The Spirit of Adoration, ed. June Klins, Issue No.1, Erie, PA, p.2,


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