December 19, 2018

Mary von Morl

Mary von Morl was born on October 10, 1812, in the town of Kaltern in what is now northern Italy. She was later known simply by the appellation “Estatica.”
At the age of 10, she received her first Holy Communion and not infrequently after that, fell into faints when receiving the Eucharist.

By 14, she was rising at 2:00 every morning to pray and engaged in fasting.

At 18, she experienced a very serious illness. It was then becoming ordinary for her to fall into an ecstasy following receipt of the Blessed Sacrament. On the Feast of the Purification, she had an ecstasy that lasted 12 hours, but was quite surprised when informed of the duration later, thinking herself it had only been a few moments since she had received Communion.

When asked what had occupied her so long, she said the she had been with God, and had seen much but that nothing in the world could describe the blessedness and the beauty of all she had felt and seen.

Source: Shapcote, Emily Mary, Legends of the Blessed Sacrament (London, Burns & Oates) p.163-64.


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