March 10, 2014

He Stopped Right in Front of Me, Holding the Host

“’After Communion, Fr. Rookey came down among the congregation with the monstrance containing the Host, to bless the people and pray for healing.

“’I was at the edge of a seat, quite near the front, and he stopped right in front of me, holding the Host up above me. I remember looking at the Host and begging for healing, and suddenly I began to cry. I just sat there and cried and cried and no matter how I tried to stip, the tears kept coming. I couldn’t understand it myself. I remember feeling mortified in front of so many people, but the tears kept coming. Then, just three rows in front of me, a young girl with cerebral palsy suddenly got out of her seat, hander her crutches to her mother and walked across the church and up onto the altar. I have never seen anything like it in my life.’

“Susan left the church later that afternoon feeling, she says, as if something special touched her life.

“I knew I had been touched in some way, if only that my faith had been restored to me. Once I managed to stop crying I felt utterly peaceful and relaxed, a feeling that stayed with me for days.

“’A week later I visited my doctor, as routine, and after examining me he said in great surprise that the power had come back into my leg. I said I knew this, and told him that besides this I had no pain either. He was completely taken aback.’

“A few weeks later she visited her specialist, one of Ireland’s leading neurologists, to receive the results of the lumbar puncture.

“’He didn’t know quite what to say to me,’ Susan remembers vividly …

“’The specialist looked at us and eventually said that he was sorry, that he was unable to confirm the diagnosis of MS, because it hadn’t shown up in the lumbar puncture. The fluid test was completely clear. He just couldn’t understand it, he continued. All the symptoms, all the indications following the MRI had proven to their satisfaction that their original diagnosis was correct. Yet now, the fluid just didn’t confirm this. All he could say, he finally told us, was that I did not have MS.’”*

*Parsons, Heather, A Man of Miracles (Oak Lawn, Illinois, CMJ Marian Publishers, 2005) p.156-57.


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