March 23, 2013

The Doctor Could Not Explain It

There was a woman sitting in the audience at a large healing service in Los Angeles. She had a heart condition and had come with her son. As the Sacred Host was displayed for all the people to venerate, the priest announced that a woman in the audience was being healed that very minute.  He said the woman had 90% blockage in her arteries. The woman’s son recalls being angered by this. He knew that this would give his mother hope and he thought it would only be false hope. He was upset that the priest would say such a thing as he did.

A week later, the woman went to the hospital for open-heart surgery.  The doctor came in and informed her that he was going to run a camera down her throat and examine the condition of her arteries one more time. Shortly afterwards, he returned and informed the family that they could take her home. He could not explain it, but her heart had been healed. There was no blockage. She had the arteries of thirty-year-old woman.

(This story comes from an account given by Jesse Romero on a CD entitled Life-Changing Stories of the Eucharist, published by Lighthouse Catholic media.)


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