December 17, 2014


In 1657, a conference of monks was held at the Monastery of Our Lady of Montserrat in Spain. A young girl approached one of those in attendance, Abbot Don Millán de Mirando, and begged him to celebrate three Masses for the soul of her deceased father. The girl implored him to do it, feeling it would save her father from the pains of purgatory. The abbot was moved by her passion and agreed to do it.

The next day, the girl and her mother were present at the Mass. During the consecration, when the Real Presence comes among the people, the girl saw her father kneeling at the step of the main altar, surrounded by flames. The abbot and the Most Reverend Father Don
Bernardo de Ontevieros, General of the Benedictine order in Spain were skeptical of what the girl related and asked her to put a tissue close to where she saw the flames. She did, and the tissue began to burn with a lively flame.

During the second Mass, the girl saw her father standing next to the deacon, dressed in a vibrantly colored suit.

During the third Mass, she saw her father dressed in a white suit. At the end of the Mass, the girl exclaimed, “There is my father going away and rising into the sky!” The girl then thanked the community of monks on behalf of her father as he had asked her to do. Fr. Ontevieros, the Bishop of Astorga and numerous others were present.

The entire incident is reported in the New History of the Sanctuary and Monastery of Our Lady of Montserrat, written by the Benedictine priest R.P. Francio de Paula

Source: “The Eucharistic Miracles of the World,” a Vatican international exhibition, as reported by The Real Presence Eucharistic Adoration Association,


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