December 21, 2016


It was during the year 1330, in Walldurn, Germany, that Fr. Heinrich Otta was saying a Mass. By accident, he spilled consecrated wine, the Blood of Christ, onto the corporal, a linen altar cloth. Immediately upon spilling, the Precious Blood formed on the corporal an image of the Crucified Christ, surrounded by eleven identical images of the Head of Christ crowned with thorns. The priest did not have the courage to reveal the miracle and for many years he kept the corporal hidden under the altar. It was only near the point of his death that he confessed, then told the story of the event and revealed the corporal.

From the beginning, the corporal has had much veneration and many extraordinary healings are attributed to it. Pope Eugene IV confirmed the miracle in 1445. The miracle was famous across Europe and for centuries was depicted by many artists.

A basilica, the Church of Saint George, was constructed in Walldurn between 1698 and 1728 by Franz Lothar von Schonborn, the Archbishop of Mainz. The relic of the corporal with the Blood is preserved today, placed on the side altar in the basilica. Every year, several thousands of pilgrims visit Walldurn to venerate the sacred relic.



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