February 23, 2013

The Church Alone

The Church is like a lighthouse, alone, on a distant shore. The light it proclaims and shines forth is the Eucharist, the presence of God among us here on earth. As we approach it, some may shy away from the light and try to sail left. As they do, the shore curves away from them, into the gray mistiness. They sail and sail, but it curves and curves, with no end. They then may sail all the way back to the lighthouse and try to sail to the right of it. Again, the shore curves and curves, with no end. Only when they sail back to the lighthouse until they are in front of it, and then sail straight for it, will they be able to reach the shore, disembark and walk beneath the light above, to their home.

A Contributor, offering a view from time spent before the Blessed Sacrament


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