April 4, 2019

“Papa, why is that lamp burning there?”

“Papa, why is that lamp burning there?” This was the question that a 5-year-old girl asked her father when she first entered a Catholic church. Her father was a Protestant minister. He answered her that the lamp, “signifies that Jesus is in the church, behind the little golden door which you see upon the altar.”

When they later entered a Protestant church, the girl asked, “Papa, why is there no lamp here?” He said, “Because Jesus is not here.” Over and over afterwards, she would tell her father, “I want to go where Jesus is.”

The family later converted to the Catholic faith.

Source: Kaczmarek, Louis, Hidden Treasure, The Riches of the Eucharist (Plattsburgh, N.Y., Trinity Communications, 1990) p. 74-75.


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