March 18, 2014

As Soon as the Priest Gave Me Jesus

I attended my prayer group and Father Rookey was there to celebrate Mass. Because I wasn’t able to walk, Communion was brought to me. At the end of the Mass, Father prayed over me and many others. Leaving the prayer group, I wasn’t able to walk normally, but I declined the use of a wheelchair. I persevered while inching toward the car.

I had the chance to attend Mass on Monday, August 22, 1994. Dad drove Mom and I along with our neighbor to 5:00 pm Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in Chicago. When I entered the church, I knew I wanted to be as close to the tabernacle as possible. I began praying fervently as I pulled myself from pew to pew. My fervency increased as Mass built up to the Consecration which is the most powerful part of the Mass. My prayer was simple. I said, “Lord, if you will it, I can walk out of church. Only you can heal me.” At the same time, I thanked Jesus.

During the Consecration, the pain left. When it came time to receive Holy Communion, I made my way slowly to the priest. As soon as the priest gave me Jesus, I began walking back to my pew. I walked out of church as though there had never been a problem. After getting out of the car in the garage, I told Mom what had happened, and to prove it, raced her to the back door. I told her I was healed after receiving Holy Communion and she was sppechless. She and our neighbor saw me walk because I had Eucharist. (Irene Hand)

(Taken from My Daily Eucharist II by Joan Carter McHugh, and an excerpt contained there from Father Peter Mary Rookey, OSM: Do You Believe that Jesus Can Heal You? by Margaret M. Trosclair, SOSM.)


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