March 12, 2017

A Strong Prompting

June Klins stopped in at neighboring church where she knew they practiced Eucharistic Adoration that particular day. As she went in, she observed that no one was there. It is unknown through what inadvertence or error this may have occurred, but leaving Christ exhibited for adoration but alone is something to always be avoided, as it is a sign of grave disrespect.

Ms. Klins had only intended to stop in for a visit. She had another commitment to which she had to go and could not stay past a certain time. Yet, no one showed up. She prayed earnestly for someone to come.

Finally, as she was running out of time, she quickly went to her car, retrieved her cell phone and called a friend. That friend did come and relieve her.

Later, that friend told her that, just a few minutes after Ms.Klins left, another person arrived. She stated that she was not intending to come that day, but while at home, felt a very strong prompting to come.

Source: “Guardians of the Eucharist,” The Spirit of Adoration, ed. June Klins, Issue No.2, Erie, PA, ,


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