February 14, 2013

My own experience with adoration

I was raised Catholic by conservative parents in the 1960s, and I insisted my husband take RCIA before marrying. He did and we got married in church. For the next 25 years we were weekend Catholics out of habit. We had no personal convictions whatsoever until I took a pilgrimage to Europe with my teen daughter in April 2010. We converted into fervent Catholics immeditely; two years later, my husband followed. I felt called by God to become a committed weekly adorer right after the pilgrimage. My teen daughter freely gave up her wild friends, rock music & video games without coercion from me. That was the first miracle. There are others.

1. Marytown is a special place. When I had trouble conceiving, I’d go there to adore & ask. One day, I got overwhelmed by the scent of flowers 3x during adoration. Three years later, I got pregnant to the day.

2.Another time, I caught influenza, got hospitalized twice and lost my job. As I was leaving adoraion, Jesus appeared to my mind and reassured me He’d always be with me. I was cured and hired 3 months later.

3.My daughter lost my valuable gem earring during gym class. Knowing I’d be angry, she went to adoration and asked God to help her find it, to wit: “Please consider my position.” When we left church to return to the car, the earring was returned, safe & sound, sitting in the middle of the car seat.

4.My daughter was losing confidence in her ability to become a persuasive Catholic writer one day. When we went to adoration, I had no idea she was asking God for an answer. I was praying about something else. My meditation was interrupted by a persistent message from nowhere that said, “How does she know I haven’t already used her writings to evangelize others.” I stopped praying and asked her if she’d requested an answer from God, since I got a message that made no sense to me. She admitted she had, and wondered why I got the answer instead of her. I told her, “Because God figured you wouldn’t have trusted the source of that message otherwise.” Little miracles happen in this world.


One Comment on My own experience with adoration

  1. Arlyss Lasecki on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 2:20 pm CST
  2. Thank you for writing about these experiences flowing from Eucharistic Adoration. Miracles abound, little and big. May we become more aware of His Presence in our lives.

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