December 18, 2014

St. Clement of Ancyra

St. Clement of Ancyra was born in Ancyra, capital of modern-day Turkey, in the year 258. He was made the bishop of that city when he was but twenty years old. Suffering severe torture during the persecution against Christians instituted by the Emperor Diocletian (284-305), he was eventually sent to Rome itself.

While in prison there, many came to see him. Late at night, to avoid the suspicion of the guards, he conducted teachings in the Christian faith and performed baptisms. One such night, the people assembled with him saw the prison cell become illuminated by a great light. From the light came a young man in shining garments. He walked to St. Clement and handed him a large Host and a chalice. St. Clement divided the Host and distributed it among those gathered. He did likewise with the chalice.

The next day, many of those there were executed. It is reported that they died joyfully.

St. Clement did not die that day. He would suffer imprisonment and extremely cruel tortures for many years more before finally being beheaded as he stood at an altar performing Mass.

St. Clement of Ancyra is revered today by both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church.

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