February 26, 2018

Inexplicably, He Knew

Wayne Weible was not Catholic. He was Lutheran, and formerly had been a Baptist. Taking communion had been “symbolic” for him. Then, on a pilgrimage, he found himself inside a Catholic church during Mass. In this particular church, because it was so packed, some of the priests came to the rear of the church to distribute the Eucharist. He says that he suddenly found a priest standing in front of him and giving him a Host before he really understood what was taking place. Weible did not then know that non-Catholics were not supposed to receive Communion at Mass.

As he consumed the Host, he said that it seemed like an “explosion” was taking place inside of him and that, “inexplicably, I knew Jesus was in it.”

A few moments later, while kneeling in prayer with his eyes closed, he then says that he had a vision of Jesus, standing in front of him. He was surrounded by a brilliant light. He then asked Weible if he wanted to undertake a mission. It was confirmation of an experience he had eight months before.

Source: Weible, Wayne, Medjugorje and the Eucharist (Hiawassee, Georgia, New Hope Press 2014) p. 18-19).


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