February 18, 2018

He Didn’t Know Better

He (my father) used to go very often to the church of Notre Dame des Victoires, a stone’s throw away (from his office). What drove him there? He couldn’t say. This church simply drew him as it still attracts those who are searching. One day while Mass was being celebrated, my father joined the line of people going up for communion in good faith, and received the Holy Eucharist. This was utterly irregular. Be he didn’t know better. Sometimes, it pleases God to overlook all the rules. Like me, my father instantly believed and got in touch with our friend Roselys, who gave him the address of a religious. The rest followed without difficulty.

(An account by the American-French novelist Julien Green, of the conversion of his father, while the latter was stationed as an American businessman in Paris.)

Source: Gaudoin-Parker, Michael, The Real Presence Through the Ages (New York, Alba House, 1993) p. 170.


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