December 11, 2016


On July 16, 1447, Hermann von Russeg, Lord of Buron (an area located in present-day Switzerland), compiled a document called the Protocol of Justice.” It sought to review and recount certain extraordinary events that had taken place in that locale.

It was thus recorded that on Wednesday, May 23, 1447, the Blessed Sacrament was stolen from the parish Church of Ettiswil. Anna Vogtli, from Bischoffingen, was arrested by the police and soon confessed that she had stolen it. A member of a satanic sect, she had slipped her hand through a narrow iron gate and got hold of a large Host. She left the church and passed the cemetery, but soon found that the Host became very heavy, too heavy to keep carrying. She explained that as she was unable to go forward or backward, she dropped it close to a fence, among some nettles.

A young lady named Margaret Schulmeister happened to come by the place with some pigs she was tending. She said that, when they got to the spot, her pigs did not want to go any further. She sought the help of two men who were riding by on horseback. They spied the Host on the ground. It was divided in seven Sections. Six of the Sections formed a flower similar to a rose and a great light was surrounding them.

The local parish priest was informed. He at once, together with all the parishioners, went there to pick up the Host and to bring the Sacred Host back to the church. He picked up the six sections, but when he wanted to pick up the main central Section, this stuck to the ground before everybody’s eyes. This partition was interpreted as a sign, and it was decided to build a chapel precisely at that place where the Host had disappeared. The six Sections were kept in the church of Ettiswil and became a Sacred Object of great veneration by the inhabitants of the village and of foreigners. God performed many miracles there. The chapel and the altar were consecrated on December 28, 1448: a year and half after the events.

A shrine to this miracle still exists there to this day. The great feast of the miracle’s chapel takes place on “Laetare Sunday and on the two following days.

Source: “The Eucharistic Miracles of the World,” a Vatican international exhibition, as reported by The Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration and Association,


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